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Negligence and recklessness can result in a variety of injuries and personal injury claims.  I have successfully handled claims involving a variety of personal injuries, including:

  • Catastrophic injuries. Catastrophic injuries, such as amputations and traumatic brain injuries, usually involve difficult recoveries, multiple surgeries and long-term rehabilitation. Victims experience a decreased quality of life, possibly facing the inability to perform even the most basic tasks.
  • Burn injuries. Burn injuries can lead to permanent, life-altering complications. Along with the disfigurement and scarring, serious burns can lead to difficulties with body temperature regulation, and may make a person more prone to infections.
  • Back injuries. Injuries to the back can result from numerous types of incidents, including vehicle accidents, falls and medical errors. While these types of injuries often result in chronic and debilitating pain, the most severe incidents often involve damage to the spinal cord and potential paralysis.
  • Injuries to the neck and shoulder injuries. Injuries to the neck or shoulders can cause severe, long-lasting pain. A rotator cuff injury may lead to permanent disability and require surgery to repair it. Injuries to the neck can result in spinal cord complications and, in some cases, paralysis.
  • Soft tissue and whiplash injuries. While soft tissue and whiplash injuries can be difficult to diagnose, they cause extensive pain and suffering to the victims. These injuries should be taken seriously.  I can’t tell you how serious these cases are even if you do not feel pain immediately or right after the car accident.
  • Broken and fractured bones. Broken and fractured bones can have lasting effects. Surrounding ligaments and tissue may be injured as well, possibly leading to nerve damage and severe pain. A victim may not be able to work, leading to a significant decrease in income.
  • Children’s injuries. When children are injured by negligence, families often feel helpless to assist them. This is particularly true when financial limitations inhibit the availability of adequate medical care and long-term treatment for injured children.
  • Drowning. From boating and swimming pool accidents to recreational incidents, drownings occur at an alarming rate. Drowning victims may be left with brain injuries or seizures. These accidents may also result in fatalities.
  • Roofs-Falling off a ladder or while you are high off the ground can lead to devasting injuries. The property owner or contractor may be held liable and pay your settlement.
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    Firas Nesheiwat did a phenomenal job at helping my father R.Fisher. He went out of his way to make sure everything was done correctly and due-diligently. Anytime my dad needed anything Firas was there for him. He made the entire process so smooth, and got my dad the results he promised quickly!
    Thanks Firas!! We really appreciate you.

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    Aziz A.

    Surely you are in the most experienced and competent hands with Firas Nesheiwat. He will get your case won against all odds. If you like not being treated as a number or being run through a mill, this practice will satisfy your taste!

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